BreakThrough! Depression

Course Description In this course, participants develop the knowledge, skills & understanding for recovery from depression and low self-worth. Discussion of Depression Disorders The Gift of Depression – Opportunity Depression & The Brain Depression & our Emotions The Physical Expressions of Depression Understanding Circadian Rhythms Social Aspects of Depression Challenging Our Perceptions Projections and “awfulizing” …

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BreakThrough! Anxiety

Course Description In this course partici Key concept in recovery from anxiety include: Discussion of Anxiety Disorders Anxiety & The Brain Anxiety & our Emotions The Physical Expressions of Anxiety Understanding Circadian Rhythms Social Anxiety Challenging Our Perceptions Projections and Awfulizing In the solution Accurate Dialog Thought stopping Distress reduction techniques Stress Management Sleep training …

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BreakThrough! Addiction

In this course participants develop the knowledge, skills, and insight to recover from addiction disorders and develop a healthy sense of self and purpose. Key topics include: Recognition to Recovery Addiction presents Opportunity Discussion of Addiction Disorders Addiction & The Brain Addiction & Our Emotions The Physical Challenges of Addiction – Stages of Recovery Understanding …

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