BreakThrough! Addiction

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In this course participants develop the knowledge, skills, and insight to recover from addiction disorders and develop a healthy sense of self and purpose.

Key topics include:

  • Recognition to Recovery
  • Addiction presents Opportunity
  • Discussion of Addiction Disorders
  • Addiction & The Brain
  • Addiction & Our Emotions
  • The Physical Challenges of Addiction – Stages of Recovery
  • Understanding the Cycle of Addiction
  • Understanding How Anxiety & Depression Lead to Mood Altering Behaviors
  • Choice
  • Challenging Our Perceptions
  • Projections and “awfulizing”
  • In the solution
  • Accurate Dialog
  • Thought stopping
  • Distress reduction techniques
  • Stress Management
  • Sleep training
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Getting the Most From Support Resources

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