Demo Session Two – Recognition & Reflection

2.0 Introduction

The goal for Chapter 2 and this session is to explore emotional and physiological triggers that result in undesirable eating habits. Daily Reflection (2.4) is the BreakThrough! tool that helps us identify the mood and physical states that lead to unhealthy eating habits.

Most of us can easily identify our vulnerabilities but it’s important to use this tool for 4 weeks. After completing four weeks of reflection, several things happen.

  • Your unique patterns emerge.
  • Awareness of your patterns helps you actively question mood states and impulsive behaviors that have kept you stuck.
  • The process of brain mapping healthy behaviors (developing new neurons in the hippocampus) takes hold so you’re more likely to Recognize “choice” points and implement opportunities for change.

The form is straightforward and can be downloaded in the resource section. As you complete them, please remember this course helps us focus on lasting behavioral changes. Be patient with yourself!  It takes time to develop awareness, and explore new behaviors. Sometimes, it just takes time for us to be ready to change what we’re doing.

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