Breakthrough! Course Text & Workbook (1st Edition)


by Heather Hamilton PhD | January 1, 2022

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BreakThrough! Course Text & Workbook (2nd Edition) is coming in 2023!

BreakThrough! provides a progressive and structured approach to recovering from emotional eating behaviors. Founded on evidence-based practices and Integrated Weight Management Theory (IWMT), Breakthrough! is an effective treatment for the mental health problems that contribute to disordered eating, and the development of obesity.

Endorsed by the American Counseling Association in 2018, IWMT topics address: -Depression -Anxiety -Trauma -Addiction -Personality -Family Dynamics -Relationships -Brain Health & -Relevant Environmental Concerns As chapters unfold, readers are taken on a journey. Beginning with information and recognition, readers progress to develop skills for resistance, resilience, and ultimately, recovery. Written in an engaging, informative, and humorous style, this course is unique in its approach to truly integrated recovery. If you want to gain a positive sense of self while improving your health, Breakthrough! delivers! With a straightforward approach, you’ll learn to banish that nasty inner critic and retrain your inner voice to coach you to success.

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