2.4 BreakThrough! Daily Reflection Tool

BreakThrough! Reflection Tool

With practice, this daily exercise can help us become aware of our triggers, mood states, and behaviors at the moment and recognize choice points. At choice points, we use specific Resistance techniques and skills to assert OUR control over impulsive & emotional urges.

One of our tasks is to reduce mindless eating. The next time you’re thinking about eating, ask yourself – Am I really hungry? When you sit down for a meal, look at your food. Look at the colors, the textures, and the placement of items on the plate. As you eat, pay attention to any unique flavors or sensations. For the time you’re eating, eat with intent and appreciation. If you relapse on “junk” food, just move on. Try to identify what you can do differently next time. Accept ups and downs with grace and humor; this is a journey of progress, not perfection. 

As we progress through this session, we’ll begin to develop Recognition, which leads to Resistance skills. Ultimately our goal is Resilience, the mindset that supports durable Recovery. Put another way, Resilience is the difference between CRAVE versus CAVE.

I may want it…. but I don’t need it!

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