3.9 Inflammation

BreakThrough! Inflammation, Mental and Metabolic Health

 If we have a rash on our face, we’re careful to treat the inflamed area until it disappears to prevent scarring. However, low-grade inflammation in the hypothalamic area (caused by the overconsumption of fats and carbohydrates), is hidden from our view. Inflammation in this area is a precursor for the development of metabolic and cognitive disorders (dementia) [38. This “hidden” inflammation is metabolic in nature and targets cells specialized in energy metabolism leading to insulin resistance [38].


 If there’s just a short period (2-3 weeks) of consuming excess saturated fat and carbs in the diet, the effects of metabolic disturbance can be reversed. However, after a longer period, the neuroprotective mechanism fails resulting in inflammation [38]. This inflammation leads to the production of cytokines and leads to deficiencies in insulin and leptin signaling [38]. Reducing the intake of simple carbs, high fructose corn syrup, and saturated fats (inflammatory foods) helps our brain DETOX and recover from inflammation & immune system dysregulation [40].


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