6.6 Anxiety and Perception

When we take the perspective that our feelings are a direct result of our thoughts, and we dislike the pervasive anxiety we experience, then to reduce anxiety we’re challenged to examine our thoughts. Think about this for a few minutes. Our brain does not distinguish between what we perceive (or imagine) and what may be real or accurate now. Earlier it’s written that if we don’t take charge of our brain; we’re along for the ride. Our brain is always going to default to our perceptions until we train it for success. To reduce anxiety, we must be willing to challenge Bitching Betty and give up the self-defeating cycle of fear-based beliefs.

Resistance: We can start anytime by answering the following questions:

How am I looking at this situation? – Perception

How am I judging it? – Thoughts from the past?

Why do I think things won’t turn out well? – Projection of past experience?

What am I adding to what’s actually being said or indicated?

What fears surface?  Rejection? Failure? Abandonment? Loss?

What’s actually happening or needs to be done?  Present thinking?

Am I simply being asked to consider new information or try a different technique?

Is my character being challenged or am I internalizing or awfulizing needlessly?

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